Shenyang Jian Sheng Construction Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in May 2001, over the past few years, with all staff to hard work, and strive to open up, total engineering supervision 178 (project and a 18, 67 second project, engineering units a total of 1230), total investment 132.5 billion, construction area 12.36 million square meters. Which civil engineering including high-rise residential, garden villas, industrial plants (steel structure), large shopping malls, college teaching building, laboratory building, libraries, indoor stadium, government offices, hospitals, multifunctional auditorium, residential quarters and other, a total of 168; 27 decoration engineering; Municipal Engineering 12. In addition to the project supervision, but also by the city and district quality supervision station commissioned, on a number of distressed, renovation and expansion project of housing security identification, technical advisory work. Our company supervision of the completion of the project qualified rate is 100%, won the city demonstration projects the gold medal award 2, silver award 12, 48 city 100 houses or quality engineering, Liaoning Province, the quality of the main structural engineering award 12.
In the process of supervision, supervision staff adhere to the principle of "abide by the law, integrity, justice, science", play their respective advantages in technology and management skills, excellent perform supervision contract, so that the project quality is improved obviously, effective control of the investment, project delivery on schedule, by owners and government departments from. Thus, we with Tsinghua Tongfang Co. Ltd. Liaoning housing development, International Housing Development Company Limited, Shenyang new real estate development company limited, Shenyang in the East Real Estate Development Company Limited, Liaoning Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., East Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, cross province real estate development company, China Housing Development Corporation, the housing development company, Manhattan the housing development company, Guangxin Wiley Housing Development Co., Rong day real estate development company, Shenyang Jin Xi Real Estate Development Company Limited, Shenyang Housing Development Co. Ltd., PAX Shen Yang Fuyu Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., Thailand real estate development company, northeast machine factory, Shenyang Housing Development Corporation, the housing development company, Wuyang Liaoning Zhucheng Real Estate Development Company Limited and other construction units to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.
As a technical service enterprise, the supervision company plays a decisive role in the development of the company. Over the past few years, companies use various media continued to recruit have rich practical experience, responsibility heart strong technical personnel, posts by interview, probation appraisal, giving the same industry more generous remuneration; to the project supervision department, companies often go on a tour of inspection, always pay attention to listen to the opinions of the construction units and construction units to my supervisors, guarantee to provide qualified service for customers. The company engineering and technical personnel 77 (certificate number), with the title of senior technical personnel 18 people (including senior economist); intermediate title personnel 54; 21 national supervision engineer qualification certificate holders; three national registered architect; national registered cost engineer 2; supervision personnel documented appointment rate 100%. Scope of professional supervision engineer, including architecture, structure engineering, senior decoration, to drainage, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, heating boiler, for distribution, communication and automatic control, integrated wiring, municipal environmental protection, engineering management, engineering economy,

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